Our Expertise

We offer a variety of services to meet your needs. Whether you have been ordered by court to attend classes or if you seek us out for individual/group/family coaching, we are here to serve you; without judgment. You are welcome.
Anger Management

Anger Management is available for adults and teenagers. We serve all time-frames of court orders. 

Clinical Evaluations are available for individuals as well. 

Family/Domestic Violence 

We offer court ordered Family Violence Intervention​ classes that are for 24 weeks and curriculum based.

Domestic Violence classes are available as well and duration will be determined after performing a Clinical Evaluation. 


Thinking for Change

Also referred to as Value Clarification, is a program that originated within the Correctional Facility of Dekalb County that guides people on how to think clearly and make decisions that will impact their lives in a positive manner. 

This is available for anyone to participate in. 

Shoplifting Intervention
Clinical Evaluations
Substance Abuse/DUI

Court ordered Shoplifting Intervention. This can be completed in one or two sessions and is a total of eight hours. Workbook is required to purchase in order to participate. 


Advanced Viewpoint Coaching is partnered with Clinical Evaluators that provide assessments for: Anger Management, Domestic Violence, Substance Abuse, and DUI.

Substance Abuse classes Level I and Level II, are available for those that have been court ordered to participate in, as well as for individuals that wish to engage in these classes as well. 

Random drug-screening is a required part of the curriculum for court ordered clients. 

DUI classes are available for those that are court ordered to participate in as well.